About Us

Behind every great piece of software is a girl... a girl who enjoys tech, fixing people's computers, shoes, and shopping.

Who are Hoppers?

Edinburgh University Hoppers is a focus group for women in technology. Founded in 2005 as a support pillar for the few female students in Edinburgh University's Informatics department, we have now grown to a full-scale organisation, planning and hosting events open to women all over the UK.

Automatic membership in Hoppers is conferred upon every female student in the School of Informatics. This currently encompasses 258 women.

Hoppers typically runs a number of events during the academic year, including more focused ones such as information and networking sessions for undergraduate 3rd and 4th year course selection. However, events that are not departmental-specific are open to students from other schools and universities, as well as any young professionals.

Why was Hoppers started?

Well, girls kick ass.

Seriously! However, they're not always aware of this, nor do they openly admit to the fact. Studies have consistently shown that women underestimate their own ability. In a male-dominated field such as technology, it is particularly important that women understand and can articulate their own worth.

In providing a variety of talks, socials and other events, Hoppers hopes to broaden the knowledge, experience and network of female technology students; allowing them to recognise and confidently sell their expertise.

Who Hoppers are not

We are not man-hating feminists!

It happens that some girls feel a bit lost in this male-dominated field. Hoppers solely tries to encourage these students by organising some insipring events, not singling out women as "better than men" or anything similar.