Lunch & Learn

What, when and where?

Every Wednesday lunch we hold talks from students, professors and interesting people in the field. Come along, eat pizza and learn something new! We are normally on the 4th floor of Appleton at 1pm - check Facebook or the posters around AT for details


Masters student Luna Backes Drault will be talking about SUPERCOMPUTERS – why they are important, how they are used and what the TOP500 project is

Previous Talks

  • Second Year student Alex Kearney gave our inaugural talk on how she worked with a lab that were applying machine learning to robotic prosthetics
  • Professor Iain Murray gave a talk on "Weighing the Milky Way using Machine Learning"
  • Project Ginsberg Developer Kenny Baxter gave a talk on the technical aspects of their mental health tool
  • Masters student Ernest Walzel took a workshop on "Unix Tips & Tricks - Using the Shell"